London is known as one of the most expensive metropolis, reason why many young and beautiful ladies from all over the world, work as a high class escort in this beautiful capital.

London is UK's capital, a country where live and work more than 3.3 million European citizens. About their destiny after Brexit, nothing is certain, on the contrary, British Prime Minister, Teresa May, in a recent speech, refused to guarantee the rights of European citizens after Great Britain will officially break of from the European Union. She claimed, "this issue must be solved" and that should guarantee people their rights, without getting into details on this matter. On the other way, European leaders demands to British Prime Minister, Teresa May that this problem should be resolved now, and not postponed indefinitely. In the opinion of German politicians, any partial agreement accelerated on behalf of European citizens' rights, may encourage Teresa May to delay the activation of Article 50, to officially divorce from the European Union. In conclusion, this matter is far from being solved.

Most likely that will take much longer, until this problem will be solved, during which all European citizens living in the UK, will be wondering continuously in which direction will evolve their future.

Among the approximately 3.3 million European citizens that live in Great Britain, a good part of them work as high class escorts in London and many other big cities, as independent escorts or for different escort agencies. High class escorting has become an important industry in this country, since big banks (and highly paid bankers) have their headquarters here, and many of the young ladies that perform these services originate from the European Union. If until now, for these young ladies were certain rights to legalize and financially regulate the incomes from these activities, what will happen when Great Britain will definitely separate from the EU?

In the opinion of many people, in case if the rights of these persons will change along with Brexit activation, then, either this industry will diminish to near extinction, either the number of girls working illegally in this industry will explode, and then the British government will have to lose a lot of money by losing monitoring and taxation of such revenues.

Could London escorts migrate to other countries after Brexit? We will see...


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